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The Seed
a beginning of life
a promise of worlds to see
a joy of growing a beautiful plant
a chance for unique experience
a vision of how the world could be
if we were brave enough to
transform ourselfs
feel the sister and brother
share with each other

why drink&drive when You can smoke&fly :-)

(-: need a seed ? :-)

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Issue 15 May 2004
(pp 1568, 1579)
Lancet 2004; 363: 1568, 1579-88
     "Despite widespread concern, we have found no strong evidence that use of cannabis in itself has important consequences for psychological or social health."
     "There is little reason to believe that criminalization has had a strong effect on the extent of cannabis use by young people. Moreover, prohibition itself seems to increase the harmfulness of drug use and cause social harm."


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